Xion Desktop Environment

XionDE.fm - XionDE File Manager

XionDE.fm is file manager with GUI (Graphical User Interface) for Linux written on Java and is a part of XionDE project.


Download XionDE.fm Stable (0.2.x)

Binary packages:

Source packages:

Download XionDE.fm2 Development (0.3.x)

Binary packages:

Source packages:


There are two alternative ways to install XionDE.fm

First alternative: Linux RPM package

The RPM package has no other dependencies. It installs XionDE.fm in /opt/xionde and creates a symbolic link under /usr/bin/xionde-fm. Just start XionDE.fm by typing xionde-fm in your favorite shell.

Second alternative: ZIP archive


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XionDE.fm2 - Next Generation File Manager

XionDE.fm version 0.3.x or XionDE.fm2 - a new development version of XionDE file manager. The target of a project is writing a new application, but same as XionDE.fm using new source structure and features. New features are process management and cloning. You can run more than one XionDE.fm2 window/app in one Java Virtual Machine! XionDE.fm2 will be cross platform file manager; if it can load native library, then native operations will be available.

Now this is not working application and there are no available reseases. But if you want to download source to see our progress send an e-mail or post a message in our forum.

Development progress information:
Icon Themes: 100% Complete.
Settings Window: 100% Complete.
System information window: 100% Complete.
Main Window: 60% Complete.
Main Menu: OK.
Toolbar: OK.
Statusbar: MISSING.
File manager component: MISSING.
Native Library: MISSING.
SUMMARY: 15% Complete.